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As a resource to all current and prospective students, Allied Schools, Inc. has developed this blog to provide relevant information to students, job-seekers and professionals alike. Use this blog as your "career guide," turning to Allied Schools for industry updates, career trends, and job search advice. We thank you for visiting!

Career Guidance:

Networking is the key to success in a marketplace filled with new technology and ever-changing skills. Every job seeker needs to have a Rolodex of contacts they can turn to for ideas, references, and possible job leads. Studies have always shown that "knowing someone" is the key to getting that dream job. For many people networking is one of the most difficult tasks involved with job hunting. We like to stay in our comfort zone going out only for the occasional cup of coffee or lunch meeting. Sound familiar?

The staff at Allied Schools knows that our career training will give you the tools that you need to succeed! However, knowing the ABC's of networking will give you the upper hand:


Whenever you come into contact with a person who is willing to assist you, always show your deepest appreciation. People tend to help others only when they feel their efforts are being appreciated. In today's fast-paced impersonal world, a simple thank you note or gesture of gratitude goes a long way. No matter how technologically oriented our world gets, people still need people. Honing your people skills will give you the corporate edge. Appreciate others and they will in turn appreciate you!


Don't be afraid to be bold. Get out there and shake a few hands. The only way people are going to know who you are is if you initiate contact with them. It can be intimidating; we've all gone through this. Getting out of your shell and being bold in your interactions with others will help you build a diverse and strong network of contacts. No matter how insignificant your relationship with a person may seem, you never know when the most basic of relationships will yield the richest of results. As the old adage goes, the squeaky wheel gets the attention.


When you get right down to it, the only true asset any of us has is our word. Without our word we are nothing, and without character we cannot become a model for others. In the networking world, people recognize those that have character.

Now, that doesn't mean that you tell jokes or have the most "colorful" personality. Character means that you do what you say, and you mean what you say. Networking with people you cannot trust or depend on is a pointless endeavor. Your job as a job seeker is to make people know that you are a person of character. You are a person they can depend on, and you will stand true to your ideals!

Now that you have the ABC's of networking, start on your networking activities with confidence and a clear objective. Allied is here for you every step of the way giving you the tools and techniques that you need to succeed in the day and years ahead.

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