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As a resource to all current and prospective students, Allied Schools, Inc. has developed this blog to provide relevant information to students, job-seekers and professionals alike. Use this blog as your "career guide," turning to Allied Schools for industry updates, career trends, and job search advice. We thank you for visiting!

In today's business world, seminars are used frequently to teach business professionals the latest and greatest business and management tools. But there is a major flaw to the live seminar infrastructure; they do not provide one-on-one instruction. Instead, seminars herd a large group of people into one room or conference hall for a day or two where "one" instructor or seminar host spouts forth "his" viewpoint or experience on the latest business module/buzzword/management style/corporate thingamabob. In other words, seminars provide attendants with watered-down, bullet-pointed information on a narrow topic (at a couple hundred bucks a head to boot).

So why do business professionals continue to attend these seminars? It's simple; they've never considered distance education.

Distance education is an amazing innovation that has been around for centuries. Distance education (also know as home study) allows you to go at your own pace. There's no need to squish a semester's worth of information into a two-day seminar. With distance education, you have the flexibility to learn the latest business components at your own pace and from the comfort of home (not a drafty conference hall).

Today, thousands of instructional business courses are available through the convenience of home study. Distance education has torn down the modular walls and hard plastic chairs of conference centers and replaced them with all the comforts of your own home. Distance education is quickly gaining recognition as the convenient alternative to classroom/conference hall instruction and could one day overshadow live seminars completely.

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