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As a resource to all current and prospective students, Allied Schools, Inc. has developed this blog to provide relevant information to students, job-seekers and professionals alike. Use this blog as your "career guide," turning to Allied Schools for industry updates, career trends, and job search advice. We thank you for visiting!

Career Guidance: Making a Job Change

It used to be a good idea to stay with a company for an extended period of time. Employees were rewarded for their loyalty and spent their lives working for the same business. Today, it is different story. Showing up everyday and working hard will not necessarily keep your job secure. There is a different corporate culture.

The good news is that you're in charge. With a positive economy, it is a great time to move your career forward. You can choose to join a company that meets your professional needs. If you want to make more money or secure an exciting job, you have the power to make the change.

So, how do you get started?

* Research the career - Become an expert in the desired field. Determine the career outlook and locate companies in your area. Find out about a typical day on the job.
* Get involved - Network, network, network! Join professional groups and associations that will enable you to make contacts and get an inside look at an industry. You might also get your foot in the door.
* Become an expert - Take the necessary classes or get the experience you need. If you want to enter a new field, you might need to expand your knowledge base. You need to become a specialist in that area.
* Develop a strategy - Make a detailed plan on how to change jobs. Sending out dozens of resumes is not usually effective in today's job market. Figure out how to get yourself noticed.

There hasn't been a better time to change jobs. If you didn't get the raise you were hoping for or have been skipped over for a promotion, you might want to enter the job market. If you do your homework, you will most likely get the job you've always wanted.

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