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As a resource to all current and prospective students, Allied Schools, Inc. has developed this blog to provide relevant information to students, job-seekers and professionals alike. Use this blog as your "career guide," turning to Allied Schools for industry updates, career trends, and job search advice. We thank you for visiting!

The Internet is where it's at! Gone are the days when you would rely solely on newspapers to find a job. Today, there is a treasure trove of options available at your fingertips - job search sites, classified ads, recruiters, and more. You can post your resume online, search job listings by geographic region and communicate with a prospective employer via e-mail. The possibilities are endless!

- Available Anytime - You don't have to wait anymore for the Sunday newspaper with the classified ads. You can log onto the computer and access the Internet anytime you want. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can look for a job, post your resume and network whenever you choose.

- Quick - It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... When you go online, you are immediately connected to careers. You can instantly access job sites, send your resume to prospective employers and search postings in other cities. You don't have to rely on the mail or wait for a telephone call; you can communicate your needs right away.

- More Productive - You can do a lot more through the use of the Internet. Instead of spending hours reading classified ads, amending your resume and typing mailing labels, you can reach more employers in a quicker amount of time. You can post your resume and respond to job openings in a matter of minutes.

- Far Reaching - The Internet knows no bounds. It is just as easy to search for a job 10 miles away or 1,000 miles away. Job sites allow you to search by geographic region. You don't have to subscribe to newspapers in faraway cities to respond to their classified listings. You can find everything you need posted on the web.

- Valuable Resources - You are not limited to resume posting and job listings. You can also use valuable resources to help you with other aspects of your career search. Use the Internet to prepare for an interview, write an effective resume, research job outlooks and determine a fair salary. Information that was once available at a bookstore is now accessible on the Internet for free.

It is a good time to be in the job market with all of the tools available on the Internet. You no longer have to sit by and wait for a phone call. The web enables you to be proactive in your job search. Be in charge of your career and use the resources available to you.


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